8th International Trade Fair for Mattress and Upholstery Production Technology, Machinery, Supplies, Production Tools and Accessories
22 - 25 February, 2024 | Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC),
Bengaluru, India.

In conversation with Siddharth Malani, Managing Director, Shree Malani Foams (P) Ltd


"The mattress industry is poised for growth due to the increasing recognition and desire for comfortable and customized sleep. We look forward to the upcoming IME event to network with key industry leaders and uncover new and innovative trends, solutions and advancements.”

Q1. What are some of the significant changes or trends that the mattress industry has seen in the past few years?

A1. The mattress industry is now evolving from talking about just good sleep to a holistic health and wellness perspective of a good mattress and its influence on the entire lifestyle.

Q2. How is the mattress industry evolving with the increasing focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility?

A2. The industry as a whole has come together to pilot a mattress recycling project in a few cities. This is to facilitate a proper disposal of an end-of-life mattress. The dismantled components are recycled into various value-added products in different industries. The entire exercise is brand agnostic.

Q3. How are companies accommodating the growing demand for personalized comfort from a diverse customer base?

A3. Personalization is nothing new to the Indian mattress manufacturers. Whether it was personalised sizes, or almost a personalised ticking colour Indian industry has seen this is as a norm since the beginning. Now of course the pattern is evolving to personalization on different aspects of the mattress.

Q4. What is your projection for the future of the mattress industry?

A4. Will be an outperformer in the good years of economic growth, that said, as a country India is poised to have a lot many good years of growth. Also, the market expansion and price expansion will be exponential to near global levels in the long term.

Q5. What is your opinion on the significance of platforms such as India Mattresstech and Upholstery Supplies Expo in terms of discovering new and innovative technologies, fostering community connections, and creating business opportunities?

A5. These are important platforms where the industry members get to interact in a wonderful setting and talk more about the future and development rather than just the day-to-day chores.

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